Gold Digger Killer
Year: 2007
Duration: 01:15:38
Directed by: Roderick Giles
Actors: Shatara Curry, Kareem Green, Ericka Williams, Grei Booker
Language: English
Country: USA
Also known as: 
Description: When Imani is fired from a job that provides for her and her man, her life gets turned upside down. She abandons a boyfriend that can't provide as a college student for the only kind of man that is willing give her everything she needs, A PLAYA! Not ready for the contained life of a cared for woman, she becomes the ultimate victim. When it comes time to seek revenge, Imani comes for the whole misogynistic system. Director: Roderick Giles. Actors: Shatara Curry, Kareem Green, Tammy Carr, Jon Laster.